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Chivas and Miller Lite

August 28, 2012

for the “Expresa tu Pasión” Chivas and Miller Lite contest

This is a poster I designed for the “Expresa tu Pasión” contest for Miller Lite, the official sponsor of las Chivas de Guadalajara in the US.

My design is currently competing. If you like it, vote for it here It takes a bit of work to register, but once you are registered you can vote once every day. Check out the other artists that are competing and check out this Miller Lite Sizzle video.

I was thrilled when I was contacted about the contest a few months ago. I’m a big Chivas fan and Miller Lite is an off the hook beer. The assignment was to design a poster that featured Chivas fans demonstrating their passion for their team.

These are some of my initial sketches

My first thought was to do something with the actual Chiva, the teams mascot. But then I decided to use a fan with a Chiva mask  instead. Miller Lite shared with the artists some products they have designed and one of them was a Chiva luchador mask, so it seemed appropriate.  

My artwork is influenced by Pre-Columbian art. For this piece I looked at  this page from the Borgia codex for inspiration. I believe that the two Gods are Quetzalcoatl and Miquiztli.

I liked the mirror like effect and decided that I should include at least two fans in my poster. This is a sketch which is getting close to what my final design was. I included a pair of Chivas and some old school soccer balls as a framing devise. I dropped them from the final piece though, so that it would be cleaner and have a billboard like effect.

…Mohawks and fohawks are in style among soccer players

Marco Fabian



The 11 stars at the bottom of the poster represent the 11 championships the team has won. Chivas are the most succesful team in Mexican soccer, they have the biggest fan base and they are the only team in the league that plays with Mexican players only. Four players of the Mexican soccer Olympic team that just won the gold in London are from Chivas. This is a short vid I made animating the poster. The song is “Chivas de Corazón” by Banda Machos.

I took a bunch of goofy pictures rocking my friends autographed Chivas jersey. Unfortunately it is not mine…



el rebaño sagrado

Marco Fabian


I illustrated the cover of a book about Las Chivas a while back. I have a blog entry about it with images and interesting anecdotes of the team. Check it out here its in Spanish… y arriba las Chivas!!!!