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Juventino Rosas

January 29, 2009


So on the way to Celaya we stopped to get a snackie in a town called Juventino Rosas, named after the Mexican composer. It turned out to be a pretty cool town and it also turned out that the town was celebrating Juventino’s 141st aniversary. They were having a free concert next to the main square featuring the Mexican singer Guadalupe Pineda. We decided to stick around. While the concert started I took some pictures:



I’m hoping to photograph more people. I’ve had a couple bad experiences in the US. People have turned me down when they see me photographing them or when I ask if I can take their picture. Hopefully the attitude will be different here.

This is a sketch I did:


Eventually the concert started. Well, first there was some wanna-be-politician/event-host that went on and on talking about nothing. And then there was the town’s chronologist, who was worst. But then the mariachis started:

Mariachi Santa Cruz de don Boni

Mariachi Santa Cruz de don Boni

They were off the hook. After that Guadalupe Pineda came on:


Some of her songs are a little too sappy for me. But she has a really great voice and talented musicians and technicians working with her. She must be reaching 50, but she takes care of herself and looked quite attractive.