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What ever happened to the Narcos and the drug war?

May 3, 2009
what ever happened to the Narcos?

what ever happened to the Narcos?

So 2 weeks ago, before this whole outbreak narcos and the drug war dominated the Mexican news. But now they are like an old fad.

Is influenza also affecting the narco’s economy? Are they profiting and having an easier time these days since the focus is off of them? AND are they washing their hands constantly and wearing face masks when handling the drugs?…


Swine flu and the Mexican economy

April 28, 2009
the swine flu and the Mexican economy

the swine flu and the Mexican economy

According to a recent investigation in the last few days small businesses in Mexico City have lost 80 percent of their sales because of the preventive measures that the population is taking. Concerts have been canceled, movie theaters are closed, recreational areas are empty and so are restaurants.

The Mexican stock exchange fell 3.34 points. And with the restrictions that the US and other countries are putting on travel to and imports from Mexico it is expected that the economy will continue to be damaged.