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April 21, 2009
South American and Mexican narcos doing business

South American and Mexican narcos doing business

I’m posting a series of illustrations about the drug war I was commissioned to do recently. I am fascinated with the topic and have been following it. I am content with the way the Obama administration has been responding to the issue. I am glad that the US government is acknowledging that it is as a large a player in the drug business as are the Mexican narcos and corrupt Mexican officers.




The large majority of the guns that have responsible for the deaths and mayhem in Mexico come from the US. Most of them are in fact bought legally. The US government needs to have stricter gun laws, or at the very least tighten security at the border to prevent both the smuggling of weapons in to Mexico and the smuggling of drugs into the US.



Further as long as there is demand its going to be profitable to supply that market. The narcos in Mexico might one day be stopped, but drug traffickers in other parts of the world, whether it is in China, Haiti, anywhere really, are going to spring up to fill the vacuum. I would encourage the US government to develop health programs that help addicts become free of their addiction, rather then wasting those resources incarcerating petty offenders.


I’m also posting this piece, which I haven’t finished yet. It is about the actual production of the cocaine. There are interesting videos of how it is produced on youtube: It’s full of nasty shtuff, gasoline and what not. The farmers that grow in South America often don’t have better options and growing coca is what they can do to survive.


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