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10 Responses to “About”

  1. Victor Galindo Says:

    Hi Duncan, I love your blog.
    Question: No doubt you’ve been asked this before, but where can I find the Mexican milagro retablo you posted of the man cheating with his friend’s wife?
    I’d love to at least be able to find a clearer image of it on the Internet. You posted this on Thank you!!!
    Victor Galindo
    Washington DC

  2. julian Says:

    i love everything on here do you do most of the illustrations?

  3. Gita Wolf Says:

    Hi This is Gita Wolf from Tara. Was bewildered, excited to see that Gandhi in Chiapas is to be published by us. Not at all averse, but would like to know more.

    We find your art very rare, and would love to see more – did you meet me in Guadalajara and is this how this came about

    Do get back. By the way I’m going to be in Mexico in November. this year…

  4. duncantonatiuh Says:

    Hi Gita,

    The blog entry is from 2009. The book was made by my friend Aaron Sinift in collaboration with Gandhi Ashrams, I believe the printing was done in Rudrakesh. You can find out more in 5yearplan.org

    I really like what I’ve seen of Tara Books and I would love to work with you guys sometimes, especially with this project https://duncantonatiuh.wordpress.com/2009/08/23/journey-of-a-mixteco-part-2/

    Let me know when you are in Mexico. I would love to say hi. duncansito@yahoo.com Check out my website if you can http://duncantonatiuh.com/ All the best! d

  5. Adriana Says:

    Hello Duncan, I was wondering where u publish books because I was wondering so I can make a book and u might not remeber me but u visited my school today I thought that u r a great person

    • duncantonatiuh Says:

      🙂 Thank you Adriana. I’m glad you like my books. It can be challenging to get books published. Figure out what companies publish books that are similar to the one you are making and send your story to them. You may consider joining an organization called http://www.scbwi.org/ They offer classes, workshops, etc. I know several authors and illustrators who find the organization helpful. They were able to eventually publish books because they joined scbwi.

  6. Adriana Says:

    Hello Duncan, I love all the books I have read so far and the illustrations I might have told u this but I am starting to right a book myself and u inspired me to write another book and I will dedicate it to u

  7. Adriana Says:

    Hi Duncan I was wondering if u like to visit schools and write books also do u like to draw and have u seen or read the harry potter series if u haven’t u should they r very interesting and thank u for the books u give the world thank you

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