elected Mayor of the largest borough in Mexico City caught at a table dance… dancing!

Juanito, elected Mayor for Mexico's City most populous borough

Juanito, elected Mayor for Mexico's City most populous borough

Rafael Acosta better known as Juanito is by far the most surreal of Mexican politicians to be in the scene for a while. Before becoming an activist (and by activist I mean being a part of demonstrations, getting beaten and beating police up) Juanito was a soft porn actor, lucha libre wrestler and a street vendor (still is). His idols are Rocky and Rambo and his favorite restaurant is a street market stall that sells shrimp with lots of ketchup.

In these past elections he received support from the influential Manuel Lopez Obrador, the left candidate who almost became president of Mexico in 2006.  The deal however was that if Juanito (from the PT) won he’d give his post to Clara Brugada, Obrador’s actual choice, who wasn’t able to win the nomination for candidate (PRD) because of internal conflicts in the party.

Juanito accepted the terms, and to the surprise of everyone he won the election for Mayor of Iztapala, Mexico City’s most populous borough. He surprised everyone even more days after when he rebelled and claimed that he had won the election and that he was going to become Mayor of the borough disregarding the deal.

Unfortunately the entertainment is over. After a meeting with Marcelo Ebrad, Mexico’s City Mayor Juanito gave a news conference in which he declared that due to heart problems he would after all resign his post and give it to Clara Brugada.

Juanito wasn’t actually caught at a table dance dancing. But he might as well have been. These are some images of the real Juanito. Someone please write a Wiki entry about him!



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