from San Miguel


my Dad at el Charco

So I’ve been in Mexico for like a month now. My parent’s live here, in San Miguel de Allende. I’m not sure how long I’ll be here for. I’d like to stick around for a while. It’s nice seeing my family. I had not seen my parents for 2 years.

I’ve been living and going to school in NYC for the last 4-5 years.  I got my BFA from Parsons and my  BA from Eugene Lang last spring. I studied Illustration, Photography and Writing. I recently finished illustrating a children’s book called Dear Primo. It is going to be published in 2010 by H N Abrams.

These last weeks I’ve been busy putting my website together: I decided to start this blog to have a good incentive to draw more, photograph more and write more. So stay tuned.


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4 Responses to “from San Miguel”

  1. zelda124 Says:

    I think that you will be a extraordinary writer so when you will be a fomous writer don´t forget about your cousine uha

  2. Anastasia Says:

    Congrats on the publishing! That’s awesome, Duncan….keep up the good work.

  3. silas Says:

    the story of duncan tonatiuh

  4. Rebecca Says:

    How can you not be inspired by the picture you have: “calaveras” ?

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